Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My laptop and wifi is finally working.   I have to try to remember how to add photos.  Guerlinde saw her doctor from Boston last week and Dr Julia said it is time to get her to the states to see a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist.  Please pray about all of this.  That means I have to find a physician and hospital willing to see her and do testing at no charge.

Today I found out her Mother has no birth certificate or Haiti ID which we need to get her passport. I do have Guerlinde's birth certificate which is good but lack of papers will delay her passport.   We will get it all done, it will just take longer and cost more.

The kids are fine.  We are all praying for funding to be able to move to our new land and build an orphanage.  that is all very exciting!!

I hope this year was the last time I have to pay rent and that we can move in next year.

Blessings to all of you and have a Christ filled Christmas. I will stay in touch more with photos.

Monday, July 7, 2014

I have been home in Michigan and it has been a great summer so far.  I spoke in Texas at our biggest sponsors work camp which was so fun to meet everyone and show them the power point of the mission.

Emacile our head nanny calls me usually every week and I talk to the kids and get an update on everything.  Things are going well but there is an epidemic called Chikungunya.  It is a virus and causes joint pain with fever. The symptoms usually last a week.  A few kids, our young man Evens in the paraplegic and our cook have gotten it but are better now.

Our landlord from New Jersey informed me a few weeks ago that we have to move out of his house by the end of the year. When my husband Mark and I were there we looked at these two gutted out perfect buildings right net to each other on the ocean. There are two owners and one is willing to sell and I have been trying to get ahold of the other owner. Please pray about this. Mark agrees it would be a perfect place to own and have a bigger orphanage with much more room and yard.  A dream come true and prayer answered.

 Ruth and Roberto Rivera, their three children and her mother arrive in Haiti July 10th.  I can't wait to join them.  They headed the mission group from Moody last March and wanted to return to help out at the orphanage.  This is a huge huge blessing.  I leave for Haiti July 23rd to try to find the other owner, look for another place to rent (if need be), find our little Guerlindes father to get his saliva for DNA testing to find out what rare genetic disease she has, to bring the two sets of teeth down that were made, etc etc.  It will be incredibly hot as is our summer there!!!!

I will have a lot of news while i am there so will be in contact. Please pray for all of us and the mission to grow and prosper.

Blessings, Annie

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prime Minister of Haiti and myself
So much has happened lately and all of a sudden it is time for my husband and I to leave. He has been here over a month and has fixed screens, changed oil in truck and generator, fixed so many things, painted, fixed our pipes to bathroom and kitchen, fixed toilets, fixed ceiling fans and light fixtures, cleaned up yard and depot, and the list goes on. the kids love him and so do the nannies. It will be sad to leave that's for sure but yet also nice to get out of this heat and see our family back in the states.

Mark and I stayed one night in a very rich part of Haiti called Petionville. We attended our friends book signing party and I got my photo taken with the Prime Minister of Haiti. (will enclose soon). We met some really nice people and had a great time. It was fun to get away.

Our biggest sponsor and his friend came to visit. That was the Spiritual, powerful, exciting weekend ever!!  Mark my husband was here so that made it even more special. We have great plans for the mission and that includes building a new orphanage so we can get more handicapped children.

We already have people coming next fall and winter and so many exciting plans.

Please pray we find the right land. I have now changed direction and am looking for land on the ocean where we will almost always have a breeze and it will be much more tolerable.  Swimming is great therapy for our kids especially the handicapped. 

Our goal right now is to raise $20,000 to $25,000 for solar power to run fans alnight, my one air conditioner and our refrigerator. It would be so amazing to have some cool air and not to buy ice all the time for the cooler. things we so take for granted in the states.

We have a new orphan Valadamy age 17. He has no family at all and had to drop out of school because he had no money. Often he went without eating. He is a huge help around here and such a blessing and is so grateful to be back in school and have a home. I took care of him years ago in my old orphanage and cared for his mother until she died. He looks so much like her and is such a sweet boy. A good mentor for the rest of the children. He loves to teach the two cerebral palsy kids and my friend Kandice a physical therapist gave him lessons to do with the two boys. Valadmy does them and even more!! What a huge blessing!!

More later....Because of Christ, Ann

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life in Haiti

Well, it keeps getting hotter and muggier here. OH MY STARS!! I hope my husband and I don't melt before we get home.  He arrived over a week ago from Antarctica and what a change of weather for him. The kids and I met him at the airport with a big sign that read WELCOME BACK MARK!! So far he has done more than any other person that has been here. Fixing sinks, toilets, kitchen drain, lights, fans, hanging a curtain, working on my truck, cleaning the yard and roofs with the kids, cleaning our garbage pit, rocking the two kids asleep that are upstairs with us, helping me deicide on major and minor decisions, fixing the stair rails, cleaning out the depot and getting rid of junk and honestly the list goes on. Thank YOU Jesus for sending me Mark to my rescue.

Kesmy was here for two weeks with 11 others from Moody Bible Institute. That was a wonderful group with a married couple who were the leaders. It was so refreshing to see the young college students serve JESUS and be so close to HIM.  They made a difference and sure spread the word with Vacation Bible School for kids with puppets, skits, crafts and even fed them. AMAZING!!

I only have three more weeks here and need to accomplish so much so please pray about that. Will try to blog sooner.

A physical therapist and her niece came for a four day weekend last weekend and wow that was great. she worked with our cerebral palsy boys and made and impact. Her niece Shelby hung out with the kids the whole time and has already emailed me about returning.

Sometimes it is really tough here and I want to give up. I get discouraged and the older kids drive me absolutely crazy.

But God has a great way of making things better and if we stay closer to HIM and spend more time with Him then we won't have time for satan to attack us.

talk to you soon,  ANN (full of grace)  so true, glad my Mother named me that.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The two  photos I posted tonight are of our neighbors who are cutting wood in the field next to us right outside my balcony where I sleep. Two men cut wood and the wife and two little kids sit by them while she makes rice and beans. One day we took the men two big bottles of ice cold water. such hard work and looks like the early 1800's.  So much of Haiti is that way.

Kesmy arrived with a group of 11 people from Moody Bible Institute who are staying at Kesmy's village for 7 nights then my house for 5 nights. I helped them buy food and water to take then I drove some of them and all the supplies in my truck and Zagalo who works for us also took the rest of the group and all their luggage in the big truck.

I found a girl for a couple that was adopting and gave $38,000 to the organization that became corrupt.  It is such a blessing that we found her and the biological  mom still wants to give her up. She is a single mom living in a thatch hut with 5 kids. It is hard to comprehend why these woman continue to have babies that they cannot take care of . Now we will look for the boy in a different town and pray we can find him for this couple who have hired an attorney to complete the adoption if it is still possible.

It is often a struggle to live here and take care of the kids and be without my family.  It is a very different world here and hard to understand unless you have been here. Please pray for the kids and our workers.

thanks for your prayers and financial support, Annie